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The Ohlone Dog Park Association has been informed by city staff responsible for the Dog Park Renovation Project that a revised plan which responds to suggestions and concerns raised at recent community and Parks and Waterfront Commission meetings will be presented for review and comment at the next Parks and Waterfront Commission meeting, December 10 at 7 pm. (Changes also reflect a recomputation of the project cost based on changes.) It is planned to go out to bid for the project in January.

At the last consideration of proposed changes, some commission members questioned whether the park was large enough to have any area set aside for a small dog/elder dog exercise area. They noted that while the Ohlone Dog Park Association supported a proposal for designating an annex in the Northeast corner of the park for this purpose, that no small dog owners had been present to express a need for a separate area. They also noted the general opposition to a design concept that set aside a large part of the western end of the park for this purpose.

If you are a small dog owner (or dog owner of any size!) and feel that a renovation project should include a separate area, we encourage you to attend the meeting on December 10 or to communicate your feelings in writing to the commission and staff. (We also ask you to share this information with anyone you know who has a small dog and does not use the park out of concern for their dog's safety or comfort around many larger dogs—we have encountered several of those in our travels.) The agenda and staff reports for the December 10 meeting should be available on line at the commission's web page on the Friday or Saturday before the meeting.

Speaker comments on any item are generally limited to three minutes. If you have anything to present that takes more than that or if you can't attend the meeting and you wish to comment on the renovation project or process, I encourage you to write the commission. All communications to the Commission must be received at least 10 days before the meeting to be included in the packet. The Secretary's contact information is:

Roger Miller
Parks Recreation & Waterfront
(510) 981-6704
E-mail: RMiller@CityofBerkeley.info
Mailing Address:
Parks and Waterfront Commission
c/o Secretary
2180 Milvia St., Third floor
Berkeley, CA 94704
If we hear any more detail on this matter before the meeting we will share it with you. Thanks for your continuing support for our association in the effort to bring this process to a (hopefully) satisfactory conclusion.


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